Monday, May 7, 2012

Racebannon All Ages Show

This poster with the "All Ages!" label made me laugh--I'm thinking that a sextuplets of Linda Blair exorcism look alikes and a pentagram might be just a little too heavy for some age groups.  It turns out that the band Racebannon had travel difficulties and didn't make it to Jackson for this May 4th show.  While I'll admit that this isn't my favorite music genre, I would like to film the band if they every do get to Jackson.  As you can see by the video below, they are high energy and I'm sure the audience members really get revved up at their shows.


I bet this is the first diet blog to feature a Racebannon video.  Then again, is this really a diet blog?  Probably not--at least not for any readers.  I did walk today, getting up at 4:30 in order to arrive at the office by 6:00 for 30 minutes of walking.  In case you are wondering, we didn't have a Racebannon poster on the office bulletin board.  I took that photo a couple of days ago and used it to represent today's walk--it seemed like a much better selection than any of the items found in the hallways at my office.

After making the effort to get up and walk at 6:00, I sure wasn't going to blow my diet by eating candy during the day or eating too much at a meal.  It was a good step in the right direction towards losing my 60 extra pounds--now I need to follow today up with somewhere between 180-240 additional good days.

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