Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Primpin' Ain't Easy!!

It's a little shocking to see that "Bob's Cut and Curl--The California Concept" is no longer on the Fondren Strip where Duling Avenue runs into North State Street.  It has been replaced by "Acey Custom Hair Designs".  If you click on the above photo to bring up a larger image you might be able to read the slogan on the door with the hair dryer:  "Acey--Primpin' Ain't Easy!!".  It's hard to argue against the validity of that statement.

Do you think that Acey caters to both men and women?  Maybe so, but it's unlikely that I'll give up my clippers and let Acey have a whack at my hair.  I did go to Bob's for a year or two.  It was always just a regular haircut--there was never much confidence on my part that I could live up to the California Concept.  That seems like too much glamour for a down to earth guy like myself. 

So Bob's is gone and Acey is here.  Will she and the Fondren Strip be here this time next year?  That's a good question.  I wonder how things are going on the plans to redevelop that area?  My gut feeling is that the developers want to gut all these stores, not primp them up and preserve the history.  That's going to be an interesting battle in the near future.


Not much to report on the dieting aspect of the blog.  I walked for 30 minutes this morning at the office so that was good.  Went out to eat at lunch with a friend and former boss and had the McAllister's club sandwich with potato salad.  Not exactly low-cal, but not too bad.  All in all, it has been a decent day.  Tomorrow will be more difficult but not impossible.  Maybe I'll have to switch over to drinking diet sodas instead of light beer for the Wednesday night with the guys.  That would be a significant cut back in calories when calculated over the rest of the year and I need to cut back on calories ever place possible.

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