Friday, May 4, 2012

Lizard Changing Colors

I need to lose 60 pounds, dropping from somewhere in the 235 pound neighborhood to a much more comfortable and healthy 175ish level.  This situation didn't happen overnight and I've been talking for several years about needing to lose weight without anything to show for it.  It's clear to me that I have to add exercise to my regular routine and the most practical thing is to start walking more.  Unfortunately, I hate going out and walking for exercise.  It will be a more pleasant task if I carry a camera and look for photo opportunities.  It's more likely that I'll stick to the routine if I keep a blog and post a photo or two from each walk.

So, here are two photos from today's walk.  These photos were taken 56 seconds apart.  That's all the time it took for this lizard to go from attracting a mate mode to trying to blend in with the scenery.

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