Sunday, May 20, 2012

MS Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

This photo of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum was taken a couple of weeks ago during an early morning walk--you can tell by the shadows that the sun had just peeked over the horizon.  The large parking lot which serves this building along with Smith-Wills Stadium, the Agricultural Museum, and a few other things, is a nice place to walk on the weekend. 

I was saving this photo to use as part of a longer post on my main blog because there's something you can't see in this photo of the building--birds are living in the various athletic balls that decorate the front of the building (see photo below).  They have even pecked holes and built nests in some of the columns which obviously are not solid through and through.  Maybe this is all somewhat appropriate since former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean is one of the biggest names in the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.

Before the bird photo, I'll just mentioned that my weight was down to 229.5 this morning.  It's nice to see a number lower than the 230's, but I have venture into this territory numerous times over the last couple of years and then faltered.  You'll know that this dieting effort is more promising than past attempts when I report a weight in the 210's.  Once I post this my plan is to go out walking to keep the momentum going.  Here's the photo of a bird nesting in the giant bowling ball--a bird in your bowling ball would certainly make a challenging sport even more difficult:

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