Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goodman County Lives

I walked this morning in the huge parking lot on Lakeland Drive that serves Smith-Wills Stadium, the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Agriculture Museum.  I thought my photo of the day would be the exterior of the hall of fame, but then I saw this black-and-white postcard size sticker stuck on a light pole. 

During my first lap of the parking lot I noticed the sticker in passing.  On the second lap I took a closer look.  Goodman County is a disbanded local band that I never heard live, but three of the four band members are now friends of mine and I've recorded them often over the last year as they continue to play in various Jackson area bands: Furrows, Swamp Babies, Wooden Finger, Liver Mousse, The Passing Parade, and probably a band or two that I'm forgetting.  It gave me a laugh to see the sticker of their old band--an odd sight to see on a routine morning walk.


By the way, this "diet" blog isn't going to have much conversation about dieting.  Anyone who reads the blog will be here for the photos, not for dieting advice.  Plus, if you want tips on losing weight then you have 102,473 websites already available on the internet. 

I will say this at the onset of my walking project:  The calories burned through walking won't account for very many pounds lost.  Do the math--walk 2-3 miles and you burn 250-400 calories and that's great, but what I really need to do is cut 1,000 calories from my daily diet.  That's where I'll get the majority of my weigh loss.  The most important thing about the walking is that it will help me keep on track to cut that 1,000 calories per day.  The walking keeps me focused each day on the task at hand of trying to lose weight--and this blog keeps me focused on the need to get out and walk each day in order to stay focused on the losing weight thing.  Any extra pounds I burn from the walking are an added bonus.

Okay, this post is longer than it needs to be.  I'll shorten them up in the future.  Enjoy your weekend and if you are needing to lose some weight, looks for ways to cut back on the calories.  I'm going to a music festival with great food and plenty of beer on tap, but with a little effort this can still be a sub-2,000 calorie day.  I just have to stay focused and make the effort.


  1. Go Frank!


  2. Thanks, Anne! So far, so good--but it has only been two days. In a short while it will be three days as I prepare for an early morning walk. The key if for the walking to act as a stimulus for better behavior with my dieting...reminding me each day that I need to eat better and eat less. No excuses for taking a day off on the diet because taking one day off leads to multiple days of bad behavior, then weeks, etc.