Saturday, May 19, 2012

Praying at the Abortion Clinic

I went for a walk through my neighborhood this morning and started taking photos that could be used on my Photo From Fondren blog.  That's an inactive blog that I'm thinking about starting up again.  Anyway, I came home with a lot of photos of buildings in Fondren and nothing that fit as an attractive photo for this blog.  Therefore, I'm going with the most unusual photo from my walk, protesters praying outside the nearby abortion clinic.  Sometimes there are large groups, sometimes only a couple of people, but usually there is some sort of anti-abortion gathering standing outside the gates of this clinic.


On a lighter subject, let's talk about my diet.  I was down to 230.5 pounds this morning, a definite improvement over the mid-230's at the start of this month.  Like most people, I want my dieting efforts to produce major results in a minimal amount of time.  Those high hopes and unreasonable expectations make it hard to stick with a diet because they lead to frustration over lack of results.

This time around I'm just hoping to lose 5 pounds per month, or basically about a pound per week.  That would put me at 225 pounds by the end of June.  While that hardly seems like much results for 2 months of walking and cutting back on food, it's a heck of a lot better than getting to the end of June and still weighing 235 pounds. 

Keeping on that same pace, the end of August would see me weighing in at about 215 pounds.  That would be a very noticeable change.  By the time Halloween comes around I would be at 205 and down from the obese category to just overweight.  Continuing this 5 pounds per month rate would have me at 195 by the end of the year.  Then the goal would be to never again have my weight begin with the number "2". 

Staying at that same rate would have me at 185 by the end of February.  Just two more months of moderate weight loss would have me at 175 exactly one year from the time that I started exercising a little and cutting back a little.  No great sacrifices would have been made, but a great change would have occurred.  About a pound a week, just five pounds per month--nothing spectacular but over the course of a year it can be life changing.  That's my mindset this time around.  If it goes faster then that's great.  If it goes slower then it is still better than doing nothing at all.  Small changes over time can produce very big results.

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